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Style and Fashion Confidence Series

Updated: May 28, 2020

Mother’s Day is on May 10th!!

What are you doing for your Mom, Grandmother, Aunt, Sister, or Friend to celebrate the significance of this day?

“How to Look Good while being an Important Caregiver”, is a question I’m frequently asked, in my line of work.

When I think of the Mother’s in our lives, I think of front line workers who go to their jobs everyday providing care to their patients.

Then there’s the mothers who stay at home and work tirelessly, to keep their families going, running errands, taking care of the home, laundry, you name it.

Then there’s the mothers who also maintain busy career schedules, trying to keep their work going, while still maintaining all of the inside responsibilities of their home life.

Finally, and most importantly we have the Grandmother’s who bring wisdom, joy and style to everything they do, for the people they love.

Each of these Mother’s provide an important part of the American way of life.

Back to the original question “how to look good” that’s easy - pairing comfort with style that can be tweaked by adding a simple necklace, a jacket, some fun shoes or a scarf to provide that looking good feeling, with little to no effort.

Here's a few fun Mom examples, taking the "workplace" out of the equation, and just focusing on her as a woman, that I read in a recent AARP article by Lois Joy Johnson. Which one are you?

The Earthy Foodie Mom

She's a save-the-planet type who's into anything vegan or sustainably sourced — from beef-free burgers to organic face cream. With family barbecues, picnics and clambakes presently on hold, she bakes bread for neighbors and pitches in at the local food pantry.

The Fashionable Mom

She knows that the secret to looking polished and pulled together on Zoom and Houseparty video chats takes a combination of waist-up chic, waist-down comfort. She's used home time to clean out her closets, edit her beauty products and toss the someday-I'll-wear-these-jeans again clothes for good.

The Practical Mom

She likes to keep things simple with sensible solutions and versatile items. Her wardrobe of tunic tops and pull-on pants requires no a.m. decisions and provides a look that is “dressed” but feels relaxed. She always keeps her pantry stocked with staples (so emergency COVID-19 grocery runs are never an issue) and depends on reliable essentials like nude lingerie, flat shoes, tinted moisturizer with SPF, and dry shampoo.

The Gutsy Mom

She never lets her size, shape or age dictate what to wear or how to look and has used that same unstoppable confidence to tackle social isolation. Whether grocery shopping for seniors, adopting a shelter dog or dropping off a rainbow cake outside your door, her fashion forward style — short-cropped hair, tattoo, multi-pierced ears and bold glasses — brings on smiles.

The Cool Mom

She's always wearing the trendiest jeans, the leather jacket you would love to own, a scent and lipstick you're dying to know the names of, and a stylish layered jumble of necklaces, rings and bracelets from her travels around the world. Count on her to tell your horoscope, give a review of the newest show on Netflix and teach you how to sell your old designer jackets on consignment.

The Cultured Mom

She's always reading, journaling or doing a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle while watching PBS on TV. She's a minimalist whose taste runs to classics with a twist and prefers creme brûlée to cupcakes, online museum tours to fashion sites, Chopin to Lizzo. Her uniform of white tops, black pants and quality accessories are refined but defined.

The Boho Mom

She's artsy, creative and crafty with a hippie vibe that makes her house a warm and welcome community hangout. Her eclectic wardrobe of long scarves, breezy midi and maxi dresses, and Birkenstocks has never been more fashionable. She's been sewing her tie-dye tees and scarves into DIY masks, writing pen-and-paper letters to friends, making a new bucket list and working in a garden.

The Health-Conscious Mom

She's been into exercise and diet since the ‘80s, bouncing from the Jane Fonda Workout to Zumba and SoulCycle, from the Atkins to South Beach diets, from low-fat to vegan. She loves the health perks and the fact that her clothes still fit. Now stuck at home, she's live-streaming ballet barre classes on her iPad and dancing out the stress in her living room.

Clean Lines Fashion Consulting helps bring out the best in all people, but for the month of May it’s about our Mothers. So don't forget to celebrate these individuals with a small gesture and/or token of appreciation. With all the changes that surround our world, now more than ever it’s important to have a positive attitude about ourselves. Confidence in our look and style is priceless.

If you want to learn some suggestions and ideas on how to easily pair comfort with style with just a few tweaks with your wardrobe or for that special "mom," in your life, I would love to chat with you.

Next Month we will be talking about our Father’s in preparation for Father’s Day on June 21st.

Info Submitted by Lisa Kemmerling, Clean Lines Fashion (owner)


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