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When it comes to the baby-boom generation, it pays to be old.

The first of the boomers began reaching normal retirement age in 2008, and those who have already gone through the process probably are in better shape financially than their boomer brethren who will be retiring in the future.

In fact, it might seem as if the deck is stacked against younger boomers, who range in age from 53 to 62. For one, they are less likely to have a traditional pension than older boomers. If they are helping their children pay for college, they are facing far higher tuition costs than older boomers. And then there are their parents. As people live longer, younger boomers are more likely to have to help support their parents in old age than boomers who came before them. 

Compass & Clock is here to help set you on a stronger path to retirement. The goal is to outlive your money. Whether you want to learn about the new hybrid Long-Term Care Insurance policy or how to turn the equity in your home into income through a Reverse Mortgage - we're here to help you start preplanning today for a financially-sound tomorrow.

A great place to start would be reviewing the below Financial Solutions Assessments sheet below, and then feel free to reach out to any of our Compass & Clock experts in our online directory following the tip sheet.

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Concierge services for seniors include but are not limited to: transportation to appointments, errands & shopping; assisting with minor housework & minor home repairs; managing mail & bills; fiduciary services; providing computer & technology support and instruction; scheduling appointments; companionship; and so much more.

Concierge services allows the senior to remain independent longer, and when family members come to visit, they actually can have a quality visit, and not work on the "to do list" of tasks.


WINGMAN FOR SENIORS, Serving Kitsap County, 360-362-0356.  Wingman for Seniors will be your "wingman" and they will help you with transportation, wellness checks, socialization, and so much more. 


A CPA (certified public accountant) is a trusted financial adviser who has passed the rigorous CPAExam, met work experience requirements, and takes continuing professional education courses to maintain the CPA certification.

SCHULTZ & ASSOCIATES CPA'S: 19679 Front Street NE, Poulsbo, 360-779-5606

FIDUCIARY SERVICES (Executor/PR, POA, Trustee, Family CFO, And More)

A fiduciary is a person who holds a legal or ethical relationship of trust with one or more other parties. Typically, a fiduciary prudently takes care of money or other assets for another person.

PROFIDUCIA:  3213 W. Wheeler St.,Suite #298, Seattle.  206-573-5276

Trusted Family Partners. Executor/PR, DPOA, and Trustee. Family CFO. Personal bookkeeping. Estate management and closure. Financial advocacy. Personal assistance. Agent for personal business matters


Financial advisors assess the financial needs of individuals and help them with investments (such as stocks and bonds), tax laws, and insurance decisions. They help clients plan for short-term and long-term goals, such as education expenses and retirement. They recommend investments to match the clients' goals.

ADAMS FINANCIAL CONCEPTS: Mike Adams, President & Principal: 1001 4th Ave, Suite 4330, Seattle, 206-903-1019


Poulsbo - Todd Tidball, 18887 Highway 305, Suite #100, 360-779-6123

Port Angeles - Susie Sanders, 802 E. 1st Street, Suite 2, 360-452-3577

Bremerton - Teresa Bryant, 555 Pacific Ave, Suite #101, 360-373-1263

Gig Harbor - Kimberlie Olsen, 9017 Peacock Hill, 253-509-7070

Gig Harbor - Brent Tayet, 5775 Soundview Drive, 253-853-7988

Port Orchard - Jay Seaton, 600 Kitsap Street, Suite 102, 360-876-7538

Port Townsend - Stephen Sklar, 2500 W Sims Way, 360-385-2243

Sequim - Dan Abbott, 990 E Washington Street, Suite 2B, 360-683-0605

Silverdale - Angela Sell, 10689 Old Frontier Rd NW, Suite #231, 360-698-7408

Silverdale - Calvin Christensen, 3100 NW Bucklin Hill Rd, Suite #115, 360-698-6092

FIRST FEDERAL:  serving Clallam, Kitsap, King & Jefferson County, 800-800-1577

HALLETT ADVISORS: Port Angeles, 360-457-6000

NEPSIS, INVEST WITH CLARITY: Matthew Augspurger, Wealth Advisor, serving the WestSound Region, 360-566-2264

STEELE CAPITAL MANAGEMENT: Aaron Steele, Financial Planner, 400 Union Ave SE, Suite 200, Olympia. 360-464-2979

THE CASCADE GROUP, MORGAN STANLEY: Douglas Berger - 2011 NW Myhre Rd., Silverdale, 360-613-0212


More and more people today are choosing to preplan their own or a loved one'sfuneral as an alternative to having others make the decisions for them. Three fundamental benefits of planning a funeral in advance are: The peace of mind that comes with knowing your wishes have been made known and the details taken care of; The comfort of knowing your family will not have to make funeral arrangement decisions during the difficult time of their initial grief; and Assurance that informed, thoughtful decisions have been  made about the funeral home provider, choice of service and costs.

COOK FAMILY FUNERAL HOME: 163 Wyatt Way NE, Bainbridge Island, 206-842-2642

HARPER RIDGEVIEW FUNERAL CHAPEL: 105 W 4th Str., Port Angeles, 360-452-9701

SEQUIM VALLEY FUNERAL CHAPEL: 108 W Alder Str., Sequim, 360-683-5242


IMAGE CONSULTANT (Image & Styling Services, Wardrobe Makeover and Personal Shopping)

Image consulting is a professional field that aims to improve the image of the client personally or professionally through appearance, behavior, and communication. It is the process of evaluating the effect of a person's appearance on their professional image. 

Image consultants are usually experts in marketing and fashion; they train their clients to improve their image for social events or to achieve certain goals. Not only individuals but also companies can be clients of image consultants. An image consultant's main focus is on dressing, personal style, clothes buying, body language, and etiquette, taking a customer through a process of evaluating their lifestyle and helping them change their body language and attire in order to help improve their image

CLEAN LINES FASHION: Lisa Kemmerling, Serving the Kitsap, Jefferson, Clallam Counties and the Surrounding Areas. 925-719-2314


Long-term care (LTC) insurance is coverage that provides nursing-home care,

home-health care, personal or adult day care for individuals above the age of 65 or with a chronic or disabling condition that needs constant supervision. LTC insurance offers more flexibility and options than many public assistance programs.

LONG TERM FINANCIAL: Stephen Hecht, 360-868-4429 (serving Mason County)


Having a lot of options is good, but making a choice can become overwhelming. With over 30 Part D Prescription Drug Plans and nearly 50 Medicare Health Plans available in the WestSound Region alone, many people find themselves not knowing where to begin. 

JC MADISON INC:  Stephanie Kirk, 18887 Highway 305, Suite #300, Poulsbo, 360-779-1082

Medicare Planning ~ Long Term Care Insurance ~ Annuities ~ And More

FARMERS INSURANCE - THOMPSON AGENCY: Victor Thompson, 1703 SE Sedgwick Rd, Suite #103, Port Orchard, 360-602-6999.

Home ~ Auto ~ Life ~ RV ~ Pet ~ And More

KMi KRISTIN MANWARING INSURANCE: Kristin Manwaring, 2300 South Park Ave., Port Townsend, 360-385-4400.  

Medicare ~ Employee Benefits ~ Individuals & Families ~ Financial Protection

REGENCE: Get expert answers to your Medicare questions @ 1-833-923-1525 today. 

With a strong network of doctors, a commitment to quality care, and award-winning customer service, Regence Medicare plans help you live a life full of freedom and expression.


REETZ INSURANCE: Mike Reetz, 835 E 2nd Street, Port Angeles, 360-452-5820 

STATE FARM INSURANCE - Paula Weissinger, 175 Parfitt Way SW, Suite 180, Bainbridge Island, 206-855-0855.

Home ~ Auto ~ Property ~ Life ~ And More

WE SPEAK MEDICARE - Gary Floring, Serving Jefferson & Clallam Counties. 360-633-7626

Medicare Planning and Education.


A mortgage is a legal agreement by which a bank or other creditor lends money at interest in exchange for taking title of the debtor's property, with the condition that the conveyance of title becomes void upon the payment of the debt. Mortgage loan consultants deal with lending institutions, acting on behalf of potential borrowers to get the best loan for their financial situation.

Caliber Home Loans: Andrea Epstein, 175 W. Washington St., Sequim. 206-818-4110. Serving Sequim, Port Angeles, Port Townsend, and surrounding area.


A real estate advisor's primary role is to help you maximize your real estate investments. This means they are constantly evaluating the market, new trends and technologies, zoning and other influencing factors to help you take advantage of market shifts. 

Property management is the oversight of real estate by a third party. Property managers are generally responsible for the day-to-day operations of the real estate, from screening tenants to arranging for repairs and maintenance. Owners pay property managers a fee or a percentage of the rent generated by the property.

Sound Equity Investments is your team that can help you figure out "what should we do with mom's house?"

SOUND EQUITY INVESTMENTS: Vicki & Greg Fazzini, 360-287-4350, serving Kitsap County and surrounding areas.


A reverse specialist will help educate you on how a reverse mortgage is a way to turn the equity in your home into cash which is usually tax free without having to make monthly mortgage payments. Instead of monthly payments, the loan is taken against a senior’s (62 or older) home equity and repaid in one lump sum when the last borrower leaves the home. As part of the loan, the borrower is required to continue paying property taxes, insurance and maintenance (and HOA fees, if applicable). These loans can potentially help seniors gain financial independence from increasing living expenses.

TED BUTLER, MUTUAL OF OMAHA, 11900 NE 1st Street, Bellevue, WA.. Ted Butler is "The Voice of Reverse Mortgages," and can help you and your family in 5 states:  WA, OR, AZ, ID, and CA. Reach out to Ted @ 425.891.6644,

LONGBRIDGE FINANCIAL: Rebecca Rainsberger, 4423 Point Fosdick, Suite 100-12, Gig Harbor. 253-509-2340

FAIRWAY INDEPENDENT MORTGAGE CORP: Joan Qvigstad, 19140 8th Ave., Poulsbo, 360-271-5946. Serving the WestSound Region and surrounding area.

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