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Senior Housing

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Welcome to the "Ask the Experts," Senior Housing section, where you will find a series of Q&A videos that highlight frequently asked questions as it pertains to senior housing.

Here we will help you know your options for support as it pertains to where you want to live when you get older. Learn more here today......


If you don't see a Q&A for what you're looking for, no problem.  Email your question to: and we'll get that Q&A

"Ask the Expert," video created & uploaded to the website.


An assisted living residence or assisted living facility is a housing facility or community for people with disabilities or for adults who cannot or who choose not to live independently

What Are ADL's?

How Do I Get the Conversation Started With My Parents About Residential Senior Living?

What is an Ombudsman?


How Do I Find Long Term Care Placement?

What is the cost of Assisted Living and what Care Needs are Met?


In-home care services are a popular option for seniors and families with a wide range of needs. Professional caregivers can help seniors live independently in their own homes for as long as possible and, for those who need more intensive care and supervision, around-the-clock and live-in services are available.

What's the Difference Between Home Health and In-Home Care?

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