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Here are some helpful links.  From Identity Theft to Opting out of Junk Mail to reporting Elder Abuse, and more. These resources are provided to help you and your loved ones, and anyone else you feel could use this information. 

Opt out of Credit Related Offers

To put yourself on the do not call list.  It will not prevent all calls, but it will prevent several. 888-567-8688

FREE Credit Reports

You get 1 FREE credit report from all 3 credit reporting agencies per year


Federal Trade Commission 

Recovering from Identity Theft. 877-438-4338

Identity Theft Resource Center

Toll free, no cost assistance, 888-400-5530 

Consumer Protection Washington

Consumer Protection Washington is dedicated to educating and alerting the public on consumer issues, scams and investigations affecting residents in Washington State. Through news releases, social media and scam tracker – consumers can be on top of topical issues and alerts happening in their community. Consumer Protection Washington provides people with resources and contact information so they can stay protected.



On Guard Online

Tips to help you stay safe and secure online


Driving assessments to help you stay safe on the road.

Available at Harbor Speech Pathology, 253-851-0007, 5202 Olympic Drive NW, Suite 100, Gig Harbor

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