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"community": a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.



When you embarked upon young adulthood, you were undoubtedly eager to declare your independence and reach the milestones that validated your “grown-up” status. It was a great source of pride to earn your own income, and in turn, the freedom to pursue the activities you loved. Your future plans may have included moving ahead in your career, and perhaps meeting your true love. Looking past that, you may have aspired to marriage, children, and a home.


In the dash to autonomy, no matter your vision for the relatively near future, you may not have appreciated the genuine need to pre-plan for the distant future. Life became hectic. You may have seldom considered who, what, where, and how you’d be in the fall and winter of your life. Had it crossed your mind, it was easy to dismiss, because middle age and retirement were decades away!


Friend, time has passed and middle age or retirement is upon you. It doesn’t matter if you’ve followed a traditional or unconventional path. If you’ve postponed preparations for this time in your life, you’ll need dependable guidance to achieve security and peace of mind.


Perhaps you feel confident that you’re already solidly prepared. That’s great!  Nonetheless, you will encounter unanticipated life events. There are solutions. That’s why we are so proud to present Compass and Clock as your comprehensive guide to:


Financial Planning

Legal Guidance

Health Care

Housing Choices

Family Support

Leisure Pursuits


Don’t wait until you’re overwhelmed by illness and uncertainty.  Hold on to that independence you seized as a young adult by taking advantage of the vast services Compass and Clock has to offer; from complex legal advice, to simple recommendations for remaining healthy and active, or enjoying a night on the town.


We’ve forged a community of compassionate professionals dedicated to your fiscal and physical health, and that of your family. We realize it’s entirely possible you’re making decisions for others. You may be responsible for your aged parents or a disabled adult child, at the expense of deferring crucial arrangements to safeguard your own future.


To that end, this guide provides references to educational tools and resources to empower you and your family to strengthen your lives as you age. Our program is intended to help you maintain or improve your quality of life, at any stage, regardless of your financial status.  And should you need advice and assistance for end of life care, our participants can provide that as well.


The Compass and Clock Westsound program is comprised of your neighbors. It has evolved over the course of several years as a labor of love in the spirit of fellowship. We are grateful for the support of our participants, for without them Compass and Clock would not exist. This collection of knowledgeable and myriad resources is designed to help you navigate your journey through middle age, retirement, and senior years. Welcome to a community conceived to guide you into your best future.

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Mary Coupland, Owner & Founder

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to help you & your loved ones.

We are "neighbors helping neighbors."

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