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Welcome to the:

 Compass & Clock's Info-Tianment Podcast


Through our podcasts we'll explore how to live your best life now and well into retirement.


We'll discuss topics in financial planning, housing, and insurance.


We'll talk wellness, relationships, and leisure pursuits. A full active life requires planning for your goals and preparing for the unexpected.

I'll introduce you to a variety of entertaining guests, from knowledgeable experts, to folks sharing stories of their life experiences, and so much more. Because Life is BIG!

All is intended to help guide you in planning for what you need now, and at any age.

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SCHEDULE AND LINKS (listen by clicking on links below, or wherever you listen to podcasts):

Podcast #1, Thursday March 4th with Maria Metzler

What is Helpline House?

Podcast #2, Thursday March 11th with James Castell

Why is Sequim WA such a draw for Retirees?

Podcast #3, Thursday March 18th with Richard Tizzano, author of Accidental Safari

How Can You Navigate the Challenges that Come with Aging?

Podcast #4, Thursday March 25th with Stephanie Dalton,

What is Perimenopause & Menopause?

Podcast #5, Thursday April 1st with Emily Klein of Housing Resources Bainbridge

What is the Independent Living Program?

Podcast #6, Thursday April 8th with Bob Tice

How do you Plan Properly for Retirement?

Podcast#7, Thursday April 15th, with Dan Weedin

What is the WA. Long Term Care Act Tax? Plus Why do I need Long Term Care Insurance?

Podcast #8, Thursday April 22nd, with Denise Dumouchel

How Can An Organization Care for their Community Through Creativity & Craftsmanship?

Podcast #9, Thursday April 29th, with Charla Wright

What is Hospice?

Podcast #10, Thursday May 6th, with Carrie McBride

What Network Support Programs Does the Alzheimer's Association Provide?