Elder law is a focus of legal issues which concern the growing population of seniors. Issues faced by seniors include - Preservation of Assets; Medicaid Planning; Medicare; Social Security; Disability; Long-Term Care Insurance; Estate Planning Issues such as POA's, Wills, and Trusts; Veterans Benefits; and much more.  

The key issues in elder law are planning, sustainability and accountability. A thoughtful assignment of responsibilities through an estate plan that reflects a detailed care plan will build a commitment of teamwork among the parties and promotes both encouragement and accountability. 

Compass and Clock encourages individuals and family's to prepare for your golden years now, and enjoy peace of mind and a successful retirement.


Elder law issues are complicated, and the need for competent elder law attorneys is growing along with our elderly population. Currently over 40 million Americans are over the age of 65, and that number is rapidly increasing.  

People are living longer than ever before. The availability and complexity of government programs designed to assist our aging population is also growing while the need for traditional complex estate tax planning is decreasing as exemptions grow. Furthermore, rising costs of health care and the increasing prevalence of debilitating diseases such as dementia make proper elder law planning more important than ever. All of this means that the need for competent elder law attorneys will only continue to grow.

RICHARD C. TIZZANO, 19717 Front Str., NE, Poulsbo, 360-779-5551. Richard is a principal of WestSound Legal and he specializes in the fields of Elder Law and Long Term Care Crisis Management, Strategic Care Cost Risk Mitigation and Sustainability, Estate Settlement, Guardianships, and Adoptions.


TONY HINSON, 19717 Front Str., NE, Poulsbo, 360-779-5551. Tony is a partner at WestSound Legal and his previous practice with the IRS Estate and Gift function for over 8 years brings invaluable experience when serving the Firm's clients with large and complex estates to maximize their ability to effectively provide for their family and charitable organizations through lifetime gifting and careful estate and trust planning.  


HAYES GORI PLLC, 271 Wyatt Way NE, Suite 112, Bainbridge Island, 206-842-6462. Hayes is a solo practitioner and specializes in Estate Planning and Estate Management.

RICK BIEHL LAW, 18442 State Route 3, Allyn WA, 360-552-2662 (Rick specializes in Elder Law, Estate Planning and Mediation)

FIDUCIARY SERVICES (Executor/PR, POA, Trustee, Family CFO, And More)

A fiduciary is a person who holds a legal or ethical relationship of trust with one or more other parties. Typically, a fiduciary prudently takes care of money or other assets for another person.

PROFIDUCIA: 200 West Mercer Street, Suite 107, Seattle. 206-573-5276

Trusted Family Partners. Executor/PR, DPOA, and Trustee. Family CFO. Personal bookkeeping. Estate management and closure. Financial advocacy. Personal assistance. Agent for personal business matters


ACCIDENTAL SAFARI, by Richard C. Tizzano 

Tizzano wants to take you on a journey. Perhaps a safari. As an expert in elder law & estate planning, Tizzano knows the routes and the forks in the road. The safari metaphor is the theme for his new book, and how to keep on track in life. With over 20 years training, experience, compassion, and insight into the lives of so many families, he is uniquely qualified and humbled to write this book and share his many years of experience with all of you. Available on Amazon.



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