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Long Term Care Facilities Call to Action - State of WA Dept of Health

Hello Neighbors.

Mary Coupland here. Some of you know me as a friend, volunteer, neighbor or the Compass & Clock lady.

I rec'd this flyer / notification today that I thought I should share. For those of us with loved ones in Senior Housing Communities, we are all aware that they are high-risk candidates for contracting the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Because of their vulnerability the State of WA Dept of Health is asking we help protect this fragile population and drastically reduce visitation to our loved ones in these long term care senior communities (Adult Family Homes, Assisted Living, Independent Living, Memory Care, and Skilled Nursing Homes).

Please see the below and be creative with alternative means of connecting with your loved ones. This will support their health and those of the staff caring for them.

With Gratitude ~ Mary

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