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Light your way to Safety and be a "Gift Hero" this Christmas

Updated: May 28, 2020

By CJ Sterling

I enjoyed Mary Coupland's interview with Dr. Carrie Marcello on small changes to make your home safer as you age. This interview on the Road Ahead reminded me of the lighting solutions I have purchased for myself and friends to make our lives a bit brighter.

(Interview Link:

Light Like an Amazon

Amazon is one of my favorite websites to find lighting solutions. These two lighting solutions I purchased last year remain my favorites for me and as gifts for my friends and family. One of the best things about Amazon is their return policies.

But you won't be returning these two lighting solutions, you will be ordering them again.

My first and favorite:

LED Closet Light, 24-LED Rechargeable Motion Sensor Closet Light Wireless Under Cabinet Light Stick on Night Light Bar for Closet Hallway Cabinet Stairway Wardrobe Kitchen 2 Sensor Modes (3 Pack) CLICK HERE TO VIEW ON AMAZON

Once you get these, you will toss out all the old battery flashlights you keep around the house. Wireless, with metal mounting strips, they can be grabbed from under your cabinets for flashlight use, then replaced when you are done. The magnets are on the light bars, so you can stick them to the fridge or any metal surface during a power outage.

These light bars have so many cool features, including:

  • being cool to the touch at all times

  • they are rechargeable using the USB cable that comes with them, that are just like your smart phone cord.

  • the charge lasts forever, and they recharge in a zippy 20 minutes The red light goes off and the green light tells you they are done charging. t

  • hey are very bright LEDs, with three settings: Motion sensor, off and on. The motion sensor feature means that you can wave your hand over the one on your nightstand to find your glasses, or the lamp switch, or turn it to "on" to find your way to the bathroom.

PACK these when you travel, and never again fumble for a light switch in a strange place.

I originally bought a pack for my dark shelves in the linen closet. When I open the doors, the light magically goes on, and I can take these super bright light bars off the metal strip to use as a flashlight to find my heating pad or the bottle of sunscreen hiding in the back of the shelf. Gift yourself, and others! This is a great gift for the hobbyist who works in the garage or shed. Be a gift hero this Christmas with these versatile lights.

BONUS: If the power goes out, grab the one on your nightstand, and then gather the ones in your cabinets and switch to "on" mode. They are super bright and will stay bright as long as you need them. If your power stays out, bring them and your charging cords to the nearest restaurant or café with power, and re-charge for another 24 to 36 hours of lighting.


The metal strips to hang them generally unstick in the dampness of your kitchens and bathrooms. Go to your local hardware store and have them recommend a better adhesive that will stand up to humidity to fix this. Not a deal breaker for these handiest of portable lighting gadgets.

The slide button letters are tiny. Off, on, and the motion sensor is marked "G." What the heck does the "G" stand for? it is the motion sensor setting. I can't really see these letters –but you will quickly figure out the G mode (the motion sensor mode) is all the way to the right. If I get it wrong, it recharges in 15 minutes, so no big deal. No more environmentally harmful batteries to replace! Get two or more three-packs – when your friends and family see them, they will want some of their own. Stick a ribbon on it and hand the spare pack over!

Brightech Halo Split - Modern LED Torchiere Floor Lamp, For Offices - Bright Standing Pole Light - Tall, Dimmable Uplight for Reading In Your Bedroom or Living Room CLICK HERE TO VIEW ON AMAZON

This touch lamp means no fumbling or bending for a switch. The touch mode really works, even a year later! It has three settings, from one bright enough to land airplanes to mellow. I bought this for my friend whose apartment is dark, but his vision is starting to fade. He is still thanking me for this solution a year later! The modern design might not be your (or their) style but the convenience of touching the lamp to turn on and adjust the lighting more than makes up for any doubts about the style. The base is heavy so it isn't tippy. The slim profile means you can slide it next to your favorite chair or sofa without having to rearrange furniture.

If you or your family member struggles with dim light or dimming vision, just order it, and set it up with a happy smile. Once they use it, all their doubts about style and function will quickly disappear. If you have stubborn relatives or friends that doubt any changes you might want to offer in their home, (of course, we don't know anyone like that) ask them to try it out for a couple weeks, and offer to take it back if they don't like it. This lighting solution is a welcome addition for anyone who struggles with poor lighting or dim vision.

Hope your holidays are bright! -CJ

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