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"Compass Points" February 18th 2021 CBD: An Alternative Holistic Health Options

At this Month's Compass Points, Learn about its Benefits & What to Know Before You Buy It."

Annette Atkinson, Herbalist, is a graduate from the Holistic Cannabis Academy and she continues to study the benefits of CBD and the other 100+ Cannabinoids found in the Hemp Plant. Every day we hear more and more anecdotal stories of miraculous success in relieving pain, anxiety and many other conditions affecting our ability to live our best life. In recent years the regulation for studying the effects of CBD and other cannabinoids have loosened up and U.S. clinical trials are now happening.

CBD is an alternative and holistic health service, non-psychoactive, and can be used to treat a long list of health issues, such as:

* Pain Management

* Anxiety Relief, PTSD, and Depression

*Inflammation Treatment

* Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, and Epilepsy

* Obesity and Anorexia

* Glaucoma

* Sleep Disorders

* And so much more

Annette's contact info is:


phone: 360-440-8671

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