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Compass & Clock: "The Road Ahead" Video

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

Here's a short video inviting my neighbors to our annual Road Ahead event, and telling you a little bit about Compass & Clock, and myself, Mary Coupland, the owner & founder.

Exciting News! Stay tuned for the new Compass & Clock: "The Road Ahead" Kitsap Cable Talk Show, coming this Fall 2019!

The format is simple. We will be creating approx 10 min length recordings filled with invaluable info.

These recordings will be aired in Kitsap County on Channel 12 for Comcast & Channel 3 for Wave.

The recordings will also be posted on the Compass & Clock website and FB page, so that everyone has access to this info in the WestSound as the info is applicable to all areas.

Compass & Clock will now provide educational information through our:

* Magazine (publishes 2x a year, May 1st & Nov 1st) * E-newsletter (monthly, 1st Monday of each month) * The Road Ahead Annual Event in September (Sequim and Kitsap) * Cable TV in Kitsap County (anyone watch online too @ * Links of each recording will be online (Compass & Clock website & FB)

Compass & Clock's educational tools helps prevent you from being caught-off guard & avoid a crisis mode for yourself or your parents. We are "arming" you with this information earlier on in life so you can start preparing and pre-planning for down the road.  Goal is to help others achieve a better quality of life, enjoy the journey and maintain your independence far into your senior years.


The video link above speaks to The Road Ahead event in Bremerton on 9/28. We will also be hosting The Road Ahead 3rd Annual event in Seqium the previous Saturday 9/21. All the info is on the Events Calendar of our website:

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