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Compass & Clock is NOW Available for your Listening Pleasure

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

When I was speaking with one of my Compass & Clock members, she told me a beautiful story that inspired me to offer yet another platform for our audience to receive information.

Lisa Kemmerling of Clean Lines Fashion wrote an article for our Fall/Winter 2020 edition, "Style is Ageless." On a recent trip to visit her parents in Illinois, Lisa brought the Fall Compass & Clock publication along, so she could share it with them. She told her parents about the Compass & Clock program and how it provides information, tips, tools and resources to help folks 40+ older prepare and plan for their retirement years. Lisa also mentioned that she contributed an article to the issue.

Lisa shared with me that her father's eyesight isn't as good as it used to be, but he wanted to read every word of the article she wrote. With the use of his magnifying glass, he read her entire article and beamed with pride.

What a great story. I'm so happy she shared this personal experience with me. Her story made me realize that even though we use a larger size font in the magazine, some of our readers might still struggle with reading the articles.

So with that in mind, we have now launched the Compass & Clock Spring/Summer 2021 issue in an AUDIO format too.

What we've done is record each article separately so you can LISTEN to the article of your choice. They are recorded in order of the Table of Contents and each is approximately 10 minutes in length.

You will find each of the recordings for the current issue listed directly under the Current E-Book on our website @

* Note Lisa also wrote an article for the Spring/Summer 2021 edition, "How to Travel in 2021"

The entire 2021 Spring/Summer edition is in the midst of being uploaded to the website now and should be complete by June 15th. Simply click on the title of the article and listen. All recordings are available on our YouTube channel under the playlist called:

"Audio Spring/Summer 2021 Compass & Clock Magazine Articles"

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