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August is National MedicAlert Month

August has been designated MedicAlert Awareness Month, dedicated toward educating the public on the needs and uses of Medic Alert ID's.

Medical Alert IDs have been around for decades, however, we don’t know their maximum potential yet. These IDs are essentially important for people living alone and for those who have potentially dangerous diseases so that they can alert people in case of an emergency. Moreover, it also helps medical personnel recognize medical conditions, medications, allergies, etc., and helps to avoid medical errors that can be fatal.

History of MedicAlert Awareness Month

The MedicAlert Foundation announced a MedicAlert Awareness Month to promote the life-saving qualities of the MedicAlert bracelet. In 1978, there was a national movement to promote MedicAlert Awareness. President Jimmy Carter went on to honor the MedicAlert Foundation by declaring the first National MedicAlert Week. Thereafter in 1996, to mark the foundation’s 40th anniversary, California’s Governor Pete Wilson and Governors from 24 other states proclaimed August as National MedicAlert Awareness Month.⁠

The MedicAlert Foundation has been in existence for a while and the story of its creation dates back to 1953 when a 14-year-old girl Linda Collins of Turlock, California cut her finger and went to the hospital. During a routine test at the hospital, she went into anaphylactic shock, which was almost fatal. This event inspired her to think of a silver bracelet with the medical symbol on one side and special medical instructions on the other. Linda and her father, who was a doctor, sent the design to a jeweler in San Francisco who designed the first-ever MedicAlert bracelet. In 1956, the MedicAlert Foundation was formed and went on to create an impressive database of medical records of people which now provides information that can be life-saving. It can alert doctors caring for you what they need to know, even when you’re unable to speak for yourself.

MedicAlert saves lives. 24/7 protection, wherever you go, whatever you do.

MedicAlert communicates your critical medical information to first responders and contacts your loved ones in an emergency. The MedicAlert Foundation, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and has been saving and protecting lives since its founding in 1956. Their IDs and protection plans give you peace of mind, knowing that MedicAlert will be there for you when you need them most.

Who needs the protection of MedicAlert?

If you or a loved one…

  • Manage one or more chronic medical conditions

  • Live with life-threatening allergies or asthma

  • Care for a loved one with Alzheimer’s, dementia, or autism

  • Use a mobility aid or have an implanted medical device

  • Lead an active lifestyle and want 24/7 protect

MedicAlert Awareness Month History Timeline

1956 - MedicAlert is formed - MedicAlert Foundation is formed and headquartered in Turlock, California.

1970's - Computer Database - MedicAlert launches its computer database.

1978 - National Movement - A national movement to promote MedicAlert Awareness begins.

1980's - MedicAlert IDs are Publicized - MedicAlert IDs are publicized in conjunction with the insurance industry.


How do I get aMedicAlert?

The Emergency Response Team can also be reached from outside the United States (U.S.) by calling 209-634-4917.

What is a MedicAlert Tag?

MedicAlert can be worn around your neck or wrist and can communicate your health information in emergencies. It is connected to your online health record which is accessible 24/7, through the emergency response service.

How does MedicAlert Work?

They signal an emergency that requires urgent attention and call emergency medical personnel. When the medical alert system is triggered, a signal is sent to an alarm monitoring system post which the situation is then assessed and, if required, medical personnel are dispatched or family members are contacted.

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