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A Wealth of Benefits to Help our Compass & Clock Readers

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

For some families, our parents are denying they are getting older. For me, I just turned 61 and I'm wondering how did that happen so quickly.

So if you're losing sleep, worried about how you're going to navigate your own Road Ahead or help and support your parents as they get older here you go. And at $10 bucks a year - you can't find a deal like that anywhere!

Consider gifting your parents or siblings a subscription in 2024 for Home Delivery of the Compass & Clock magazine. It will help them see what steps they can take in advance, and allow them to continue and enjoy life today while they are navigating tomorrow. We help get you where you want & need to be safely, securely, and happily.

What Benefits do Compass & Clock provide for you and your family?

Here's what one of our readers has to say about Compass & Clock:

"I cannot overstate the value of Compass & Clock in navigating future planning. So much more than financial planning, Mary has thought of *everything* one might need as the clock starts counting down from entering the workforce to how and whether you choose to retire.

Sign up for delivery of her publication and get set to have your mind blown by the wide variety of experts weighing in on all the things you haven't even yet thought of. Information for every age and every income."

~ Carol F, June 2023

Thanks Carol for your enthusiastic endorsement!

Benefits for our Readers include but are not limited to:

  • Information & Knowledge: In-depth articles on various topics from experts in their fields.

  • Inspiration & Ideas: Creative ideas and success stories that can help navigate your journey & provide solutions.

  • Entertainment & Leisure: Light-hearted content for leisure activities, relaxation & enjoyment, at any age.

  • Visual Appeal: The combination of high-quality images & well-written content enhances our readers experience.

  • Community & Connection: A community of like-minded, compassionate professionals dedicated to your fiscal & physical health, and that of your family. You're not alone.

  • Convenient & Affordable: Delivered twice a year to your home or loved one for the low annual cost of $9.99 to all 50 states can't find a deal like that anywhere!

How do you Subscribe?

Right now we are in the midst of our Home Delivery 2024 campaign, and all we are asking is that you SUBSCRIBE today. AND in January 2024 we will collect your mailing address and payment.

Simply click on the link below or scan the QR code, fill in your name & email, and that's it!

There's NO COST today. Payment will be collected in January 2024.

** Please share with friends and family across the country.

If you want to have a copy for yourself and you want to gift a copy to your parents, no problem. Simply put next to your first name a number and that will signify that you will want 2 subscriptions

I.E., First Name: Mary (2)

Click this link to Subscribe today:

or scan the QR CODE:

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