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What is the Color of Neutral?

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

By Lisa Kemmerling

I like to say that Lisa Kemmerling has a passion for fashion. She loves helping men and women of all ages find their individual style that gives them confidence and a smile on their face. Read on to see what Lisa has to share with us ~ Mary Coupland

Having attended several Fashion shows this year and checking out the new colors groups for the 2023 3rd quarters, it's exciting to see all the neutral colors that are making an appearance.

That said, what are those interesting colors and how can you bring them into your current wardrobe? Simply put, a neutral color is one that lays in the background and is not easy to notice. By stretching one's horizon, you can incorporate neutral colors that'll provide a mini makeover to your Fall lineup.

Beige, cappuccino, mushroom gray and taupe are making a very big leap into even the most skeptical individuals attire who perhaps, in the past may have leaned towards navy, black and basic gray. When I think of Fall neutrals, paired alongside some of my personal favorites like burguncy, metallics, brown, terracotta, and yes, a true fan of navy, it takes me back to the 70s as a young teenager who wasn't quite versed yet in color pairing, but thought the brown culottes paired with a terracotta sweater for class pictures was the ultimate chic look.

Leaning into the new Fall colors, it's evident that most of the stores are showing these staples in either a solid or a print. Leopard print is having a fashion moment once again, as they say everything that's old is new again. So, ladies don't throw out the shirts and sweaters since the contrast of these paired with taupe or khaki pants presents an inspiring Fall/neutral look.

Not forgetting the guys, neutrals are everywhere in men's fashion as well. A daring color of brown/gold pants in the men' s department at Dillard's showed up a few weeks ago, paired with a lovely burgundy button down shirt. Regardless of age, the neutral colors are showing up in suits and casual attire, for both men and women.

"Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions," quote by Pablo Picasso.

Article Written by:

Lisa Kemmerling, Owner

Clean Lines Fashion Consulting

Helping individuals with travel packing tips, wardrobe makeovers, and finding your sense of style.


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