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Let's Do Lunch!

Buy ONE Gift Two. A $20 order buys lunch for you AND lunch for two senior clients of Meals on Wheels Kitsap!!

Meals on Wheels Kitsap ... "More Than a Meal"

Meals on Wheels Kitsap has been the major provider of nutrition services for elderly persons age 60 years and older in Kitsap County since 1973. Meals on Wheels Kitsap provides meals and other nutrition services at eight community dining locations throughout the county and delivers nutritious meals directly to homebound elderly. Hot, frozen or nutritional supplement meals are delivered daily or weekly by volunteers. The organization's target population are frail, low-income elderly persons who depend on well-balanced meals for their primary source of nutrition. Food is a basic need. Good nutrition improves health, maintains functionality, prolongs independence, benefits quality of life, and saves money.  Our meals provide good nutrition and our volunteers provide the vital human contact we all need.

Click Here to Place Your Order and Support Today. Everyone's a Winner!

Submitted by: Deborah Horn, Executive Director, Meals on Wheels Kitsap


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