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Love the One You're With

Updated: May 29, 2020

National Couple Appreciation Month in April reminds us to keep the flames of romance alive all year long. Don’t wait for a specific holiday to keep the spark in your relationship hot.

Let’s face it; relationships take work.  Whether they are romantic ones or not, they take effort.  When two people are in the early stages of love, the excitement and the hormones make us overlook all the flaws and potential obstacles the world throws at us. Fast forward to life. When we value the people in our lives, we take the time to do the little things to let them know. 

For the significant other in our life, those little things mean so much more. This person is the one we call when we’re going to be late coming home from work. She’s the person we talk to about big decisions. He’s the person who makes your coffee in the morning.

Whether the relationship is becoming long-term or has already endured the long-haul, National Couple Appreciation Month is a time to re-dedicate the little things we do for each other. Little things go a long way to sending the message that we a loved and cared about.


Spend time with your loved one and reconnect.  Use #NationalCoupleAppreciationMonth to share on social media.

Little Things
  • Leave a love note on your mate’s car.

  • Surprise your love with coffee or tea before they wake.

  • If your sweetheart is a selfie-loving type and you’re not, give in on occasion and take a couples’ selfie.

  • Let your significant other overhear you complimenting them. It’s one thing for you to tell them directly, but to know you tell others what you think means so much more.

  • Invite your love to go on an activity he or she enjoys. It doesn’t need to be expensive. If they are always pestering you to go for a walk or to the library, they will be pleased by the gesture.

  • Learn something new together.  Explore common interests where you both might have an opportunity to learn while spending time together.

Love the One You're With Today, and Everyday!

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