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Have You Thought About the Legacy You Will Leave Behind?

By Johanna Munson, Peace of Mind Guide

Have you thought about (and taken action on) the legacy you will leave behind for those who will remember you?


That word might conjure up an image of gifts of financial or personal property. That’s the first definition, according to

The second definition is “anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor.”

So this could be the perfect time to take on this project, before it’s too late…

What is possible if you re-define “legacy” as an opportunity to put down in writing your values and wisdom, your stories, maybe some of your history? What if it’s a chance to express your love to those who matter to you?

When you share who you are and what motivates you- what makes life worth living in these interesting times- you not only inspire others to action, but you gain clarity on your own life. You clear away the distractions, identify priorities, and are able to live much more in the present moment.

Here are some questions I’ve answered as part of my legacy:

What 3 things would I like people to remember about me?

That I found absolute joy in the Pacific NW forest, being among the trees and plants, breathing in deeply the fresh air, watching the rain slide off a leaf or the sun break through the clouds. That I learned to look at life from a wide angle lens- to see the threads that connected what seemed totally random at the time, and that helped me to find a sense of purpose and peace. And that I believe that energy is constant, and though I am gone in body I am never far away.

What are some of the best choices I’ve made and why?

Hmm… this one certainly has me counting my blessings! First off, I was inspired to study Japanese in college and I was able to actually live in Japan for 5 years total- definitely one of the best decisions! Another big one- I was lucky to have been able to be a full-time mom with a partner who fully supported our decision to parent together. And now I have the opportunity to pursue my passions while celebrating our kids’ journeys!

If I could leave resources to a charity, which one and why?

I would support the prison hospice program at the Angola prison in Louisiana. The program is run by inmates and offers those both living and dying a chance to grow in compassion, something sorely lacking in the prison system. I guess compassion is another thing I would like people to remember about me!

Writing down your legacy is a way to create a link between the generations- you’ll feel seen and heard in a new way. It could spark conversations if you share what you write now, or you can leave it as a template for your eulogy. That is a huge gift to your loved ones! Reach out to me for a great list of questions you can answer. Have a family gathering coming up? Make it a priority to get something down in writing!

Article written by Johanna Munson, Peace of Mind Guide

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