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5 Popular Vacations for Senior Travelers

Updated: May 28, 2020

When choosing a vacation, travelers often begin the process by deciding on the destination based on the adventures they wish to experience. For some seniors, additional considerations around accessibility and ease of transportation need to be considered based on their physical needs. As such, many vacation types and destinations have emerged as popular choices among senior travelers. Below are the top 5 most popular vacations for senior travelers.

Disney Vacations

Thinking of taking the grandkids on a memorable family trip? When Disney stakes its claim that it provides the ultimate family vacation, they mean it! One of the ways they accomplish their mission is with an almost obsessive focus on accessibility for all visitors. Disney World in Orlando, Florida, is especially adept at this because they have carried over their accessibility and ease of transportation to their extensive resorts as well.

Every hotel on the Disney World property provides transportation to the parks and other areas within the resort, including busses, ferries, and the monorail in addition to adequate parking for self-drivers. Each mode of transportation provides wheelchair access, and all cast members are adept at helping guests walking with canes, crutches, or other aids. Most rides are accessible for guests with varying mobility needs, and motorized wheelchairs can be rented.


The popularity of cruise vacations continues to rise, and with the demand comes increases in the destinations and overall vibe of different cruises. Among the more popular trips for seniors in the US are Alaskan cruises. Flights from most other locations in the US are long and arduous, but a cruise from Seattle or Vancouver B.C. makes the journey itself part of the trip as you sail through the beautiful north Pacific along the western Canadian coast.

For those who find ocean sailing and cruise ships too daunting, river cruises are gaining popularity around the world. River ships are much smaller, providing a more intimate vacation with fellow cruisers catering to the over 55 crowd, some ships do not allow any passengers under 18 years of age. Being on the river often allows for more varied views as you pass through a number of towns along the water’s edge. Excursions often emphasize sightseeing and other lower-keyed trips for seniors less interested in a large ship mentality for their vacations.

The Caribbean

There are so many countries in the Caribbean whose primary industry is centered around tourism, making this an ideal destination for seniors looking for total relaxation and a fun atmosphere. The islands provide plenty of flights from most major US cities, making travel time relatively quick. All-inclusive resorts are the dominant accommodations, which allows travelers to gain a full vacation experience without having to venture too far from their rooms.

Those who do want to explore the area, however, have plenty of excursion options that can be booked right from the resort. In fact, this is the best way to ensure you are getting the experience you are paying for with little risk of falling victim to a scam.

Major US Cities

Sightseeing and general travel in some of the biggest cities in the US can seem daunting at first, but savvy senior travelers should have no problem if they know how to navigate public transportation. Cities such as New York, Washington, DC, and Philadelphia have extensive subway systems at fair prices. Other areas like Chicago, Las Vegas, and Phoenix are also popular among seniors due to their walking culture. Travelers who can afford it will also find plenty of cabs and rideshare cars for their on-demand transportation needs.

Road Trips

In terms of accessibility, freedom, and sheer number of sightseeing opportunities, nothing beats a traditional road trip in your car or RV. Seniors travelers tend to flock to the New England states during the Autumn months for the area’s legendary foliage which, in many areas, is celebrated via a number of local festivals. The Blue Ridge Parkway offers similar natural scenery that will take your breath away. But there is no road that highlights the history of Americana quite like Route 66, which runs from Chicago to Los Angeles. The meandering road runs through 8 states, providing the ultimate hands-on US history lesson.

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Kim Reynolds, Cruise Planners Travel Advisor


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Mar 31

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