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Who Owns the Senior Housing Community

Updated: May 28, 2020

Here is a way to answer the question about "who owns the facility?"

For families researching the various options for retirement, assisted living or memory care communities, one question that is often left off the list is, "Who owns this business?"

The answer to this question is important.  The person who gives your tour should be able to answer it.  The lack of answer to that question, for any reason, should make you wonder why.

There are charitable organizations, like the Episcopal Retirement Communities, that operate St. Andrew's Place in Port Angeles.  As a non-profit entity, they do fundraisers during the year to help keep their rents and costs low to residents.

There are for-profit but privately held companies, which operate in limited regions and own a limited number of communities.  For example, Village Concepts (this writers' employer) is based in Auburn Washington, owns 17 different communities in Washington state only, and is family owned.  

Then there are the big companies, the Avamere, Enlivant, or Holiday Retirement communities, among many others.  They are headquartered somewhere, are often publicly held, and own hundreds of communities across many states.  For example, Enlivant has over 230 communities in 27 states.

Group and family homes are almost always privately owned and operated, and the owners often live on-site.

The benefit of the various forms are different.  For example, a smaller company with private ownership can make adjustments quickly and offer a more personalized care plan for their residents.  There is something nice about knowing that a person could call the owner and have a meeting with them, should the need arise.  

However, in a larger company, there are options to move to a different state and moving to a community that is the same as one that you moved from, where the systems are familiar and the culture is the same.

Choosing a living environment is a very personal decision, and you should have every question that comes to mind answered to your satisfaction.  If not, there are other communities, and every one of them would be glad to see you and have you as their guest.  

Article written by:

Beth Pratt, Community Relations Director

Park View VIllas, a Village Concept Community

1430 Park View Lane, Port Angeles


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