The Road Ahead: The Triangle of Health

Today’s guest is Dr. Cy Fisher of Equilibrium Natural Health.

In this episode Dr. Fisher and I discuss the Triangle of Health, which is:

  • Physical - a physical injury or trauma or alignment

  • Emotional - trauma from past or recent events and how they effect your health

  • Biochemical - Environment you live in, the food you eat, etc.

A Naturopathic Doctor looks at all 3 of these components for your healthcare needs, where a non-naturopathic doctor might just look at one of these components (ie., you break a leg you go to the doctor, they're going to take care of the Physical healthcare need only).

Dr. Fisher was introduced to natural medicine when a close family member was diagnosed with late stage cancer and they chose the natural option for their healthcare. Thereafter, Dr. Fisher personally turned to naturopathy & experienced it’s powerful effects. This personal experience compelled him to become a healer using natural therapies that “just work!” He has a BS from Dixie State University and his doctorate is from the oldest nationally recognized & accredited naturopathic medical school in the US, the National College of Natural Medicine

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