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The Road Ahead: Tele-Medicine and House Calls

In this episode Mary speaks with Dr. Garrett Soames the co-owner and founder of HouseCallMD. Garrett educates us on what is TeleMedicine and what a HouseCall in 2020 looks like these days.

A little background on Garrett. Garrett has been a practicing Physician Assistant with over 17 years of clinical experience. His schooling is extensive:

  • Undergraduate Education in Sports Medicine at WA State University

  • Masters Degree & Physician Assistant education at Emory University School of Medicine

  • Completed his Doctorate in Medical Science at the University of Lynchburg

In addition to all of that, Dr Soames also practiced medicine on the continent of Africa for 13 years, and achieved multiple post graduate fellowships for:

  • Pediatric Infectious Disease

  • Neurovascular & Stroke Care

  • And Emergency Medicine

Garrett was born & raised here in Kitsap County and we're thrilled that he founded and launched HouseCallMD in 2018 right here in Kitsap to serve the Olympic Peninsula Region.You can reach HouseCallMD at 833-432-5633 or at

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