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Limited Time Subscription Offer

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Exciting announcement!

In 2022, the Compass & Clock print magazine can be delivered to your home safely & conveniently.

The pandemic limited the accessibility of Compass & Clock in waiting rooms of healthcare providers and so many other locations. We didn't allow those roadblocks to stop us! They challenged us to reimagine how we serve our community and now Compass & Clock is bigger and better!

For the low annual price of $9.99* a subscription conveniently and safely delivers a personal copy to your home, anywhere in the U.S., twice a year; in May and November.

*Subscribe today and pay to lock in the special $9.99 rate. Offer ends 11:59pm EST 2/28/2022.

Top 5 Reasons Why a Paid Subscription is Just the Ticket!

#5. Compass & Clock was created for smooth sailing to a secure future. Our magazine helps folks as they embark on middle age, hit the road to retirement, and cruise into their senior years. We focus on education to anticipate avoidable future crises.

#4. The Compass & Clock magazine is a beautiful, high-quality, 80+ page publication packed with the current topics, tools, and resources you want, organized in concise and informative articles, printed in a large, easy to read font size.

#3. One Destination. When you consult Compass & Clock for guidance, you've arrived at your destination for future planning! We eliminate guesswork in decision-making so you can roll with confidence in your planning choices. All of our experts are vetted, and you will never be solicited.

#2. Not only does Compass & Clock tackle hard issues such as long-term care costs, elder-related housing, legal preparedness, medical coverage, and life-changing medical diagnoses, we know that you need to have fun! That’s why we always include information on social activities, leisure pursuits, and family support. We want you to enjoy life's journey!

#1. It’s an easy investment! Having Compass & Clock safely delivered to your home puts valuable resources in your hands for less than a nickel a day.

Your annual subscription supports this small business whose heartfelt mission is to help others through education and compassion.

It has been such a joy watching the Compass & Clock community of experts help you map your future plans and prepare you for your journey. And I'm moved by those of you we've helped in supporting you or your loved ones. I continue to be humbled and inspired by your stories and kind words. Please keep sharing your successes with me!

I look forward to navigating the road ahead with you as we continue to guide you into your best future.


Compass & Clock can be delivered to your home address or PO Box in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. We are not yet able to ship outside of the United States.

*Hurry! Subscribe today and let us help you start your journey of a lifetime with a plan.

With Gratitude ~ Mary Coupland, Owner and Founder


Compass & Clock continues to offer a broad platform of additional unlimited free information and professional guidance as frequently as you need or want it.

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