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Snow Impacts Kitsap Seniors

Recent snow storms and icy road conditions severely impacted nearly every Kitsap County resident. Government offices were shutdown. Military/civil service employees were on “essential personnel” notice. Schools, athletic and community activities were cancelled. Businesses and organizations were closed. With exception of the wonderful first responders, utility repair personnel and health care providers, virtually everyone was homebound due to the weather.

Medically-homebound seniors are particularly vulnerable during inclement weather, especially if they depend on others to provide care and support. Meals on Wheels Kitsap is keenly aware of such situations. This 45-year-old nonprofit organization provides healthy, nutritious meals and more to seniors aged 60+ throughout Kitsap County.

“Our seniors depend on us to provide those nourishing meals, safety checks and friendly visits,” says Deborah Horn, Meals on Wheels Kitsap Executive Director, “and it’s difficult when weather or other emergencies prevent us from doing so.”

The organization provides its homebound clients with emergency meal bags every November for use during winter and other uncontrollable situations that prevent normal meal delivery. Each bag includes five shelf-stable meals, water bottles, thermal blankets, flashlights and other resources for client use. According to Horn, their clients have had to depend on those meals during the recent snow storms.

“If we know the weather is going to be bad, we have several options to keep our elder clients fed,” Horn said. “In addition to their emergency meals, our seniors also received two extra frozen meals this time.”

For information about Meals on Wheels Kitsap, visit

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