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Senior Club in Crisis as it's Gig Harbor meeting spot is sold!

Updated: May 3, 2019

Gig Harbor Senior Center Update, April 22nd, 2019:

Because of the sale of the Boys & Girls Club building to the Peninsula School District in early 2019 the Senior Club, which has been housed in the building since its inception, has been displaced.

Vital updates and progress details of the new Gig Harbor Senior Center (GHSC) are coming to light. The Task Force comprised of representatives from the original Senior Club, PenMet Parks, the Boys & Girls Club, the City of Gig Harbor and Pierce County; and the newly formed Senior Center Board of Directors meet frequently to find solutions.

The Board has met with many facilities and organizations that may have space to temporarily house the Gig Harbor Senior Center and its activities. Their quest has been fruitful! GHSC is grateful to the Harbor Covenant Church for offering their beautiful facility for the continuation of the senior services throughout the summer.

Board members have met with the Gig Harbor Chamber of Commerce and have been invited to participate in the Maritime Gig Festival where GHSC members will collect “Signatures of Support” for the continuance of a senior center. Stop by their booth on Sat. June 1 & Sun. June 2 and show your support!

The Gig Harbor Senior Center announces their partnership with the Greater Gig Harbor Foundation. This relationship enables the Gig Harbor Senior Center to move forward in their endeavor to locate a new home to continue providing the much needed services to the greater Gig Harbor senior population.

The Board expresses their appreciation to Dr. Julie Ann Gustanski and the Greater Gig Harbor Foundation for providing an opportunity for the senior population of Gig Harbor and surrounding areas to find a place to call their own, and to continue providing the ‘welcoming and caring home away from home’ they have enjoyed for the past 9 ½ years.

Many seniors have benefited from membership in the center, some are older people

who may not have anywhere else to go, here they find new friendships and become involved in their community. When a senior walks through their doors and returns it is claimed as a victory. Eppy Anderson says, that after her husband passed away, “I felt so lost and lonely. I was becoming a recluse. I stopped by the SR Club to see what was going on, everyone was so friendly and welcoming. I immediately felt comfortable and made friends right away. Without the SR Club I would not have the social activities and friends I have today.”

Today’s seniors are redefining the quality of life and healthy aging. They wish to maintain their independence and sense of purpose while having the opportunity to learn and play together. The Senior Center fulfills this requirement.

The Senior Center’s Mission

Provides a vibrant gathering place for active seniors to engage and enrich their lives through social interaction, recreation, lifelong learning, and well-being to improve community life.

Gig Harbor Senior Center Board of Directors

Joyce Schultz, President

Betty Lilienthal, Vice President

Marc Avni, Treasurer

Claire Predergrast, Secretary

Betty Ringlee, Member at Large

An informational panel presentation was scheduled to be held at the Boys & Girls Club/SR Club 5202 Skasie Avenue on FRIDAY MAY 3, 2019 at 1:00pm.

Our June Compass & Clock e-newsletter will continue to update everyone on the progress. More info to follow next month.

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