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Seattle Shrimp Tank Podcast - Interview with Mary Coupland, owner & founder of Compass & Clock

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Did you see the Seattle Shrimp Tank Podcast I did on 11/4? Well if you missed the LIVE FB Podcast, no worries, here's the link for the Trailer (at bottom of the page) and the full audio for the podcast.

Learn more about what the Compass & Clock multi-media program truly provides for our WesSound Community.

Thank you again Dan, Brad, Sue & Tiarah for inviting me to be a guest, and allowing me to tell my story about why I created Compass & Clock, and my goal of providing my neighbors with invaluable knowledge, tools and resources so we can all enjoy the journey called LIFE.

I highly encourage you to follow the Seattle Shrimp Tank Podcast on FB. They have 2 podcasts a month, and they're informal, informative and fun.

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