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Say Hello to Jim and his Great Smile!

Meet Jim.

He's my dad, and he's visiting us from from North Carolina for 3 weeks.

Check out his new teeth.


You know why? He just got a beautiful new set of dentures from Fairy Tale Dental.

Thank you Dr. Lincoln for going above & beyond, like you do with every patient.

As owner & founder of Compass & Clock, I am practicing what I'm preaching. My mom passed from Alzheimer's 3+ years ago, and Dad talks about things he needs to do, but he just doesn't seem to get around to it. I'm referring to the things that mom would take care of (ie., making the appts and telling him to go to them).

So I stepped into my Mom's shoes to try to help with some of those things (and my sisters have also, we all love my dad and want him to have the best quality of life possible). Here's an example of some of the things I've been able to help with in his two visits to us in the WestSound, Sept 2018 & March 2019.

Sept 2018 Visit:

EYES - his eyes have been tearing for 2 years but he hasn't seen an Eye Physician. I made an appt with Kitsap Eye Physicians and they said he was starting to get Glaucoma, and that the tearing was Rosacea on his eyelids (just needs a cream to help with that). My sister and I found him an eye doctor back in North Carolina for his eyecare needs and he's on the road to better vision. Did you know that people will give up driving because their eyes tear? Let's help our aging parents retain their independence as long as possible. Dad's 84 1/2 and still driving, but he's chosen on his own to give up night driving because the glare of the headlights, which is worse for him because of the Glaucoma. Say hello to Dr.Dale Holdren when you call, 360-377-3703.

HEARING - his hearing is still good but he's missing out on parts of the conversation. No problem, I knew just the expert to introduce him to for a hearing test, Dr. Robin Fiscus of Simply Hear Audiology in Bremerton. Dad's hearing is diminishing slightly and a pair of hearing aids will fix him right up! Thank you Robin for your gentle guidance and expert skills. Listen Up Veterans, Robin is a Preferred Veterans Choice Program Provider. Don't pay for Hearing Aids! VA covers the absolute best technology - no charge for a lifetime of batteries, and new technology every 5 years! Give her office a call today at 360-373-2571 /

March 2019 Visit:

TEETH - his dentures were falling apart and he has been saying he'll go see a dentist back in NC. Since my son is playing on the JV High School baseball team and Dad loves to watch him play baseball, I suggested a trip out for 3 weeks in March and he readily agreed. He also said I could setup an appt with Dr. Lincoln for new dentures. He met with her on Friday and he had a new set of dentures on Saturday morning. Dr. Lincoln is able to create a full range of restorations using the latest dental technology to create beautiful and lasting smiles.  All design and finishing work is done in house, part of the personal touch that is the hallmark of Fairy Tale Dental, and why Dad didn't have to go a whole weekend or longer without teeth. Thank you Dr. Lincoln for giving my Dad back his smile. Give her office a call today at 206-488-8006 /

Jim Fisher & Dr. Helena Soomer Lincoln

FOOTCARE - dad is going to be pampered. Maranta Sanders of A Hunter's Adventure does mobile footcare. That's right she comes to you. She will soak your feet, give you a massage and clip your toenails. This is scheduled for next week and I am positive Dad will be thrilled with her footcare and her personality, she's a gem. Call Maranta at 360-908-8536 /

LEGAL - I asked dad if he updated his Will since mom passed and he said no. So we made an appt with Mr. Richard Tizzano, an Elder Law & Estate Planning Attorney in Poulsbo (also the best selling author of Accidental Safari, available on My 2 sisters and I are now the Co-Agents for Power of Attorney for Medical & Financial, and all 3 of us are also Co-Executors. We met with Richard on Monday and on Wednesday we signed the documents and had them notarized at his office. If you haven't already attended one of Mr. Tizzano's FREE Legal + Estate Life Care Planning Seminars, I highly suggest you go to his website and register for one of the upcoming ones in your neighborhood or close by or call 360-779-5551.

Dad's still visiting until 4/9 and we've taken care of all the items on his "to do" list, now we are going to kick-back, watch some baseball, and have some fun!

I am a loving daughter, sister, wife, and friend, just like many of you. Sometimes a loved one needs our help. Now you know you can turn to Compass & Clock to connect with compassionate, experienced, dedicated professionals that will take the best care of you. I am grateful for the Compass & Clock members every day. Thank you for being a part of my family and for helping our neighbors take care of theirs.

With Warm Regards - Mary Coupland

Here's my contact info you need to call or email me. I'm happy to help.

206-321-8016 /

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