Road Ahead 2020 Fashion Show

It was so fun to do our first-ever "Road Ahead Fashion Show.

"The theme is: Travel in Style with Less.

No one wants to wait at baggage claim. Everyone wants to grab their bags and head off to their desired destination.

How many times have you overpacked, and lugged an oversized suitcase around your whole trip, and you used less than half of what you packed?

I am totally guilty of that.

Our Fashion Show will show you how you can pack less items and have your daytime outfit become your evening attire with just a few tweaks. No need to change from head to toe.

Whether your choice of travel is by plane, boat, car, train, bicycle, etc., these tips will help you pack lighter and travel smarter.

Here's a tip...apply the same thought process to your every day life. Dressed for work in business attire, but have plans for a concert that evening and no time to go home and change? No problem if you plan ahead you'll figure out what's the best business attire to wear that day that can easily be transformed by bringing a couple of items to work with you to take your business look into a rocking concert statement.

A special thanks goes out to our models, narrator and producer.

Enjoy ~ Mary

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