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KSQM FM 91.5 Listeners....

Dear KSQM Listeners,

We have been very blessed to be able to continue our service for our community thru these tough times. But… we urgently need your help now to continue our programming. We are gearing up for our Fall Fund Drive to last from November 15th thru the 24th. We hope you will tune in and contribute!

KSQM Announcers will be doing their very best to explain the importance of KSQM to our Peninsula Community and how important it is to them personally. If you have a message you would like us to share with our volunteers please send it in-those notes are their “paychecks.” We would love to hear from you and so will our listeners.

Our Covid-Crew of dedicated, essential, volunteers are doing their very best to provide you the outstanding programming that you have come to depend on. Please take a moment to help them now.

You can help with fund raising efforts in more ways than just one!

  1. Mail to KSQM PO Box 723, Sequim WA 98282

  2. Go online to

  3. Call (360) 681-0000

  4. Pledge Matching Funds

  5. Send Testimonials

  6. Share our Social Media Posts & invite your “friends” to “like” us!

  7. Start a Birthday Fundraiser for KSQM

  8. Shop Amazon Smile and name KSQM as the beneficiary

  9. Consider bequeathing support for KSQM

  10. Small Automatic Contributions add up! You can set them up on our website or call us☺ New sustaining donors qualify for a KSQM Cap!

We here at 91.5FM are wishing you the very best, and with your assistance plan to be here for you, during what we all pray will be a 2022 that looks very different…

Thank you so much for your support,

Wishing you blessings, health & lots of MUSIC to tap your toes to!

Tama Bankston

KSQM Administrative Director

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