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How Do You Like to Read the Compass & Clock Magazine?

I need your feedback please.

Hello. My name is Mary Coupland and I am the owner & founder of Compass & Clock.

Two times a year I publish an 80 page high quality magazine filled with invaluable information and resources, FREE for our readers. My audience are people 40 + older, the Adult Kids and their parents.

In addition to printing 1000's of copies of the magazine, the publication is also available online, in an easy to read and navigate E-magazine format. Click Here to View

Our Fall / Winter 2020 issue will be available for our WestSound audience by the end of October, and this will be my 6th issue over the course of the 3 years since I launched Compass & Clock on January 1st 2018.

Prior to COVID-19 I personally distributed the magazine from Gig Harbor to Port Angeles, to places where someone would spend a little bit of time. Whether that be a healthcare providers office, a senior center, a local eatery, Les Schwab Tires, a hair salon, a professionals office, etc. I have continued to do that for 2020, but I have been very careful on where I brought the magazine for your access.

My goal all along has been your safety & well-being. Focusing on providing you with the knowledge, tools and resources to prepare for your journey as you age, and help your aging parents as they reach their golden years.

Keeping your safety & well-being in mind, I have to ask you, "How do you want to receive and read the Compass & Clock Magazine in 2021 and future years?"

Option #1: Do you want to pick it up at a local establishment like you have been doing?

Options #2: Do you prefer to read it on-line?

Option #3: Do you want it mailed to your home?

All of the options I am suggesting I want to be able to continue to provide to you for FREE. YES, that includes a subscription if you want to have the magazine mailed to you.

So with that in mind, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you. Please tell me how you prefer to read & receive Compass & Clock. Simply go to the Contact Page of the website CLICK HERE and fill in this box with your info (I've filled the below out as an example for you. Fill-in the Message box one of the 3 options above. Or simply put Option #1)

Name: Mary Coupland

Subject: Compass & Clock Magazine

Message: Here is where you tell me your preference.

ie., Option #1

Thank you for taking a moment to give me your feedback. In order to offer a subscription, I need to figure out how many people want a subscription, as there will obviously be a cost on my end to mail a high quality magazine that weighs a pound (approx $2.50-$3). Your voice is important to me, and I want to do my best to continue to provide you with the FREE services I've been delivering to you for the last 3 years.

Many Thanks - Mary

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