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Guidelines for Residents of Multi-Dwelling Units, Moving During COVID-19

Includes Senior Living Facilities, Nursing Homes, Group Homes, Condos, Apartment Complexes, Dorms and More

While the health and safety of our drivers, agents, crews and customers are our always our highest priority, it is especially important during this time. As United Van Line agents and our customers learn more about COVID-19, we must continue adapting practices to provide safe and efficient moving services for all parties involved.

Throughout the past few months several scenarios have presented challenges servicing moves in multi-dwelling units, most often in senior living facilities and nursing homes. As the nature of these settings present a higher susceptibility to contracting COVID-19, vendors and family members are asked to take extra precautions when doing business or visiting. We should always strive to meet and exceed our customer expectations and requirements.

To protect their customers, one frequent facility request is everyone who enters the building present a recent COVID-19 negative test result. This would include packing crews, van operators and loading crews. It is not always easy to coordinate proof of up-to-date negative test results immediately preceding origin or destination services. As such, there are actions the booker should take before officially booking the move to help flag these moves and make sure the shipment will be serviced as requested/required.

Please see below on how the booker and sales team can investigate potential multi-unit dwelling moves and subsequent actions needed before agreeing to these types of moves.

  • When the origin or destination address is made known, ask the customer if it is a multi-dwelling unit. It is a best practice to also do a quick google search. (Note: Multi-dwelling units can include senior living facilities, nursing homes, group homes, condos, apartment complexes and dorms.)

  • If it is a multi-dwelling unit, ask the person moving if they know of any specific requirements their facility has in place for COVID-19. However, given the rapidly changing environment, as follow-up the booker should reach out to the multi-dwelling facility directly and ask if they have special requirements for service delivery due to COVID-19, such as requiring COVID-19 test results, limited number of crew members allowed to enter or similar.

  • If there are special requirements, the booker should reach out to all parties involved in the move to make sure they are aware of, and agree to, the requirements in place by the facility. This confirmation should occur both internally with agency operations for self-hauls and with other agent participants, when the booker is not acting as the origin, hauling and destination agent.

  • If all agree and the move is booked, notes should be made in Quotes-To-Go and Special Instructions in Memo Pad about the facility requirements (anything COVID-19 related such as proof needed of a recent negative test result). This will help planners and move coordinators have the information readily accessible.

  • If an agent or their service providers van operator cannot agree to the requirements, please attempt to locate another agent in the area who would be able to do so. If you are unable to find an agent able to service, please contact the COVID-19 Task Force for additional guidance.

If you have any questions, please contact the COVID-19 Task Force at this email address:

Article Submitted by: Sarah Ruiz, Sales Executive

United Moving & Storage

Direct: 360-842-0316

Main: 360-479-4800 Ext. 110

1770 NE Fuson Rd., Suite A, Bremerton WA 98311

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