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FREE Subscription for Compass & Clock 2021 Magazines

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

The first 500 people that subscribe to the Compass & Clock 2021 magazines will receive a single copy of the Spring/Summer 2021 edition and the Fall/Winter 2021 edition at no cost mailed to their home.

* Must be a WA. State mailing address to receive the free subscription

With the uncertainty of COVID for 2021, I want to make sure that the folks that are Most Vulnerable and live at home, have access to the Compass & Clock magazine in 2021.

I am still going to be distributing the magazine in the WestSound from Gig Harbor to Port Angeles. I am going to be placing it strategically so you can access it safely and conveniently.

Look for it at the below places and ask for a copy at the front desk:

Local Professionals Offices

Local Healthcare Offices

Local Eateries


Senior Centers

Food Banks

Senior Housing Communities

In-Home Care Providers Agencies

Local Senior Info & Assistance Offices (O3A, Kitsap Senior Info & Assistance, etc)

Real Estate Offices

Chambers of Commerce

And so much more.

Not sure where to find a copy in your area, feel free to email me at: and I'll give you a list of local places in your neighborhood.

Thank you for reading our informative publication.

Stay Happy & Healthy ~ Mary

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