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Fishline's HomeShare Program

Fishline's HomeShare participants work together!

Have you thought about sharing your home?

Do you have an extra room in your home that you're considering renting out, or are you looking for a room to rent?

If so, please consider becoming a Fishline HomeShare Participant.

Shared housing offers affordability, security, mutual support, and more. Your arrangement can be based on rent, services, or a combination of rent and services. Fishline's HomeShare program can help you find shared housing in Kitsap County.

If you're interested in participating in the Fishline HomeShare program as a housing provider or a housing seeker:

Fill out an application and you'll be connected with a facilitator who will work with you to find a compatible match

The HomeShare program can help you to:

  • Building a profile for yourself

  • Identify your needs and wants in a roomate

  • Conduct background and reference checks

  • Provide information and resources for guidance

  • Make referrals to potential HomeShare matches

For more information, contact the Emily Klein, HomeShare program coordinator at: or call (360) 229-2503

Look for additional information for the Fishline HomeShare program in our September E-newsletter:

1) The “big picture” issue of housing for seniors (the desire of many to age in place versus the cost-burden of mortgage/property taxes/home services on a fixed income, safety at home, the cost of in-home care, etc.)

2) Concerns people may have about shared living  

3) How Fishline’s program has been designed to address these concerns

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