Are You an Unpaid Caregiver? Let Us Help.

You've heard it before. The caregiver taking care of a loved one must take care of themselves too, it's essential.

Powerful Tools for Caregivers workshop series is a nationally recognized evidence based program which helps unpaid caregivers take care of themselves while caring for a family member or friend.

Powerful Tools for Caregivers gives you the skills to take care of yourself while caring for someone else. By taking care of your own health and well-being, you become a better caregiver. Six class sessions held once a week are led by experienced class leaders. Class participants are given The Caregiver Helpbook to accompany the class and provide additional caregiver resources.

This is a FREE 6-week course, but registration is required. Please call Martha & Mary At Home to register: 360-626-7840 or 877-266-2856.

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