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Navigating Life Today to Remain

Independent Tomorrow

Baby Boomers are turning 65 at the rate of 10,000 per day, and Aging Parents are looking to their Adult Children for guidance.


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What is Compass & Clock?

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Welcome to Compass & Clock

Compass & Clock is a comprehensive guide to retirement planning.

Our educational program is designed to help you navigate aging in place; maintaining physical and financial health; housing options & family support; legal guidance; leisure pursuits; and so much more.

Be prepared. Plan in advance for a safe & secure road ahead.


We will help you stay on top of your game through middle age, retirement and well into your senior years!

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Compass & Clock LLC provides all the resources you need as you age. The expertise of the individuals and companies that make up Compass & Clock know and understand the dynamics of aging. They work together as a team providing the best options and information to make informed decisions. ~ Heidi

Mary...You have hit it out of the ballpark in the latest 2024 edition of Compass and Clock!

That is one of the most informative magazines on aging and elderly affairs and problems that I have ever read. Again, you publish such a unique and wonderful magazine Mary! ~ Stephen

Compass and Clock is a fantastic magazine for individuals 40 years of age and above. If you’re looking for suggestions on businesses, to help navigate questions or concerns, with respect to insurance, wills, downsizing or financial advice (not to mention many others) then this is a great tool to help with the answers you need. ~ Lisa

Compass and Clock is a wonderful resource! This organization does the research and provides the knowledge you need to make the right decisions.~ Julie

Compass and Clock is an extremely helpful resource for those looking to navigate their future life endeavors. Mary is a pleasure to work with, and has a real passion for helping others. ~ Matthew

This is a great resource for anyone who plans (or doesn't plan) to get older. Unfortunately, age is something we can't run from - so it's better to learn about how to handle it better for ourselves and our loved ones. ~ Amber

Great information each and every issue. Very relevant! ~ Rita


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