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What is Merdian Tapping or EFT?

Updated: May 28, 2020

Merdian Tapping or EMF (Emotional Freedom Technique). What is this technique and how can it help me? 

Tapping combines traditional Western and non-Western methods to help your mind body connection.  Tapping is a natural stress relieving tool, using fingertip tapping upon the body with focused statements about problems we are facing.

Although Tapping may look or seem unusual, there was a time that we thought this way about other unusual highly useful discoveries such as airplanes, light bulbs, x-rays and computers.

Meridian Tapping is a practical and useful addition to most traditional forms of therapeutic activities such as Chiropractic, Physical Therapy or Acupuncture.

Meridian Tapping is not a substitute for medical attention, but is a tool to help with pain relief, anxiety, sleep problems and cravings, to name just a few.

Meridian Tapping has scientific background, there are over 50 studies that have been done proving that tapping does help.

Simply put when you tap on meridian points, stating statements that you want to change or reduce, your body decreases stress hormones and increases calming hormones.

Studies into the Mind-Body connection continue to reveal new information, especially for chronic pain, addictions and trauma recovery.

Even though Meridian Tapping continues to be researched scientifically, its beauty is in the results. People are tapping and getting results from a simple to use form of therapy.

Article Submitted by:

Donna Lodge, Lodge Chiropractic

660 W.Evergreen Farm Way, Sequim


Stina Pope of Present Tense Coaching has been teaching EMF for 15 years and she can be reached at or 650-219-8386. Classes are taught at various locations including Lodge Chiropractic in Sequim.

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