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Sunday Driving, with Beth Pratt

Updated: May 29, 2020

Taking a step back in time has never been easier than it is at the Makah Museum in Neah Bay.

After a storm washed away the results of an ancient mudslide, a village long buried was discovered. Teams of academics, archeologists, and tribal council members worked together to preserve, catalog, and display the artifacts that had been so well preserved beneath the silt and soil. The result is this amazing walk backward through 500 years of history.

This museum is beautifully curated, with artifacts organized to tell the story of tribal life. A fully articulated whale skeleton greets you as you enter. As you leave the hunting exhibits for those about home life, you are invited to tour a replica long house. The sounds of tribal music and the scent of smoking salmon greet you as you enter. From the stories of whale hunts to the toys and games made in leisure time, the collection preserved and shared in this museum is rich with tribal lore and history.

The museum is open daily, 10AM – 5PM, and also has a small gift shop with locally made crafts for sale. Entrance fee is only $6 for adults, of $5 for seniors, active military, and students, and you will find that the museum is very accessible, with walkways with plenty of room for walkers and wheelchairs.

There are small historical museums, theater companies, bands and other groups that make our life in the Northwest richer with the arts. You can enjoy a concert, watch a stage show, learn about local culture, and laugh big, belly-laughs without traveling to Seattle. Many of these small organizations are non-profits, supporting education and performance opportunities for students of all ages. By supporting the arts in our area, you are supporting your community. Get out there and find what you like best; there is something for everyone.

Makah Museum at Neah Bay

Phone: 360-645-2711

Website: Location: 1880 Bayview Avenue, Neah Bay, WA

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