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Ready, Set, Jet!

Updated: May 28, 2020

Whether you’re planning an intentional trip or a weekend getaway, here’s what you need to know before booking your next flight.

Basic Economy isn’t always the most economical. When looking at basic economy -vs- premium economy it’s important to keep several factors in mind. Basic economy does not include bag check fees which can range from $25 - $75 depending on the airline. Basic economy is often the last group to board, important when planning on bringing your luggage on board. If the overhead space is full you may end up gate checking your bag for an additional fee. Seating is often assigned last, at the gate, and you may end up sitting next to a stranger in a middle seat instead of your traveling companion.

Bundle your entire vacation. Work with your travel advisor to bundle your airfare with accommodations, cruise, car rental or other elements of your vacation to get the best value.

Fly during off-peak times. For the lowest fares, fly during the off-season or shoulder season. Also consider flying during the middle of the week, specifically Tuesday or Wednesday.

Buy travel insurance for big trips. Make sure to include your flight in the coverage so you will be protected from the time you leave home to when you return. Insurance helps you be prepared for the unexpected – from a flight delay to an accident or illness abroad or even lost luggage.

Book now. Booking ahead secures the best rate for your vacation, including airfare. While some last-minute deals may be available, airline rates are more likely to rise than fall and you’ll have access to more choices when it comes to flight times and seat selection.

Weight the cost of connections. A direct flight may cost more, but will save you time and reduce the risk of missing a connection which could result in further delays, missed luggage and unforeseen expenses.

Consider all nearby airports. Live near multiple airports? Don’t just think about the airport closest to you. If you can be flexible, consider booking each leg as a one-way ticket as combining airlines and even airports may save you money.

Article Submitted by:

Kim Reynolds, Cruise Planners Travel Advisor


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