HousecallMD shares COVID-19 Update & Information with Us

In-Home SARS-CoV-19 testing is available.

HousecallMD comes to your home, and will test you for Coronavirus, preventing any possible unnecessary exposure.

Garrett Soames co-founder of HousecallMD shares with us an update on COVID-19.


Coronavirus vs Influenza – Symptoms Influenza • Fever (+) • Cough (+/-) • Myalgias (+) • Nausea (+/-) • Sneezing (+/-) Coronavirus • Fever (+/-) • Cough (+/-) • Diarrhea (+/-) • Fatigue (+) • Dyspnea (+) Coronavirus vs Influenza - Incubation Influenza • Average incubation period is 1- 4 days. Coronavirus • Average incubation period is 5- 6 days • However, in some it may take 14 days after exposure to develop infection

Coronavirus vs Influenza – Contagion Influenza • Viral shedding begins 0-24 hours prior to onset of illness • Shedding continues for 5-10 days Coronavirus • Viral shedding begins 2.3 days before symptom onset. • Shedding continues for up to 21 days after symptom onset.

Coronavirus vs Influenza – R0 Influenza •Seasonal flu R0 = 1 • Swine flu R0 – 1.2-1.6 • 5-10% of transmission occurs before symptom onset Coronavirus •R0 = 2.5 • 44% of transmission occurs before symptom onset.

Coronavirus vs Influenza – Asymptomatic Patients Influenza • Less than one in three people infected by the flu have mild or no symptoms. Coronavirus • 46.5% of patients who test positive for coronavirus don’t develop any symptoms (or only develop very mild symptoms 2 weeks later) Testing • CDC test kits didn’t work • Private (commercial) labs had to come up with a test of their own. • Accuracy rates are still unknown, but presumed to be 70% • Recent changes have made testing much more accessible, though still significant shortages Testing • Now may do nasopharyngeal, oropharyngeal, nasal, and sputum samples. • Some labs are now testing stool samples as well • Viral transport media no longer needed. Can now use saline. • Now may use nylon, polyester, and rayon swabs

Testing • Current swabs must be sent to the lab. Results average 3-4 days. • Some labs have been taking weeks • There are over 500,000 tests that are collected that are still pending • POCT for SARS-CoV is currently being tested.

Testing • The antibody test is not yet available. • Those that claim to have it have tests from China or Korea, many with a sensitivity of 30%. • We anticipate a FDA approved antibody test being available in 2-3 weeks.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) • Minimum Necessary • Surgical mask • Face shield • Gown • Gloves

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) • Ideal • PAPR Mask • Gown

• Gloves Treatment • Outpatient • Fluids, rest, isolation • OTC remedies • Inpatient • Respiratory support • Fluids • Prone positioning

Treatment – Prone Positioning

Flattening the Curve /Social Distancing Doubling time within 1 week of 10th death • WA – 5 days • LA – 2 days • NY – 2 days • CA – 3 days Doubling time between April 3- 9 • WA – 9 days • LA – 6 days • NY – 4 days • CA – 6 days Total SARS-CoV-2019 Cases in Kitsap County, WA 138 How can you help? • Follow social distancing guidelines • Wear a mask while in public • Fastidious and frequent hand washing • Help the disabled and elderly by offering to shop for them • Be kind and be patient • Donations are always welcome

How can Housecall MD Help? • We can test patients in their homes for COVID-19, so they do not risk exposure or exposing others • We can see and evaluate patients for non COVID-19 conditions (UTI, rash, gout, etc) so they don’t get exposed in the Drs office • We can help with refills until PCP offices reopen. • We can screen employees who are ill, and get them back to work if they test negative. • We can do blood draw and other labs in the patient’s home or LTCF. Housecall MD – Always on Call • Call 833-432-5633 • Visit our website at • App for iOS and Android coming in the next few weeks

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