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Compass & Clock is Growing!!

Updated: Aug 3, 2021


Compass & Clock is growing and we are expanding our reach so the entire U.S. can utilize our program, as it's all online/digital.

I launched Compass & Clock in January 2018 with the simple mission of providing free access to invaluable information, tools, tips and resources that pertain to the matters of aging. Today I am still passionate about all we provide, it is invaluable, and it's a shame to keep this to ourselves here in the WestSound. It's like a best kept secret. And now it's time to share this with the rest of the country.

I need your help please. If you feel so inclined to share a few kind words, I would greatly appreciate it if could leave a REVIEW about Compass & Clock. The goal is to receive positive, 5 star reviews across the web, as this will greatly help improve Compass & Clock's online presence.

One of the BIG pieces to increasing the online presence is to get noticed by GOOGLE by having folks leave REVIEWS about Compass & Clock online, hence this request.

Here's the link to leave a positive 5 star review on Google. It should only take you a couple of minutes of your time, for which I would be extremely grateful (Here's a photo of what your screen will look like when you click on the will say your name, not John Wix):

If you prefer to leave a review on FB, here's the link for that platform. And of course you can leave on in both places if you are so inclined. (Photo of what your screen will look like when you click on the link):

Thank you for your time, consideration and kindness ~ Mary Coupland, Owner & Founder, Compass & Clock.

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