Be the Face on our Next Issue of Compass & Clock

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By Mary Coupland

Be the Face on our Next Issue of Compass & Clock

The Compass & Clock bi-annual publication is rolling into year 5 as of this E-newsletter!

Did you know that the front cover of every issue of Compass & Clock is a photo that relates to our Cover Story, which is an article in our magazine that we want to call your attention to?

Our cover story for our Spring/Summer 2022 publication will be about our furry friends, and I thought it would be fun to ask you, my readers, to participate in our next edition.

I'm excited to announce our FRONT COVER PHOTO CONTEST. I would love for you to submit your favorite photo of you and your pet via email by February 28th or sooner.

Here's the details on how to enter:

  1. Email your favorite photo of you and your pet to:

  2. You must be a paid $9.99 Subscriber to the Compass & Clock magazine for 2022 home delivery to enter the contest. If you haven't already subscribed, you can subscribe here:

  3. Please send a high resolution photo that is at least 300dpi so we can enlarge it for the front cover. If the photo isn't high resolution than we won't be able to use it because it will become blurry and pixelated

  4. Layout / format of the photo would be best if it's a Vertical photo, not a Horizontal photo

  5. Deadline to send photo is by February 28th 2022. Sooner is better of course

  6. Include your name and your pet's name along with a little info about your photo for a caption (ie., Mary & Sparky playing in the February 2020 snowstorm)

  7. Winner will be notified by email that they were selected for the Front Cover of our Spring/Summer 2022 edition by Friday March 4th 2022.

  8. The winner will be on the Front Cover of the Spring/Summer 2022 edition and they will also receive a $100 E-Gift Card (e-card TBD with winner)

  9. 3-4 Runner-ups will be selected and featured with the cover story article in the Spring/Summer 2022 Compass & Clock magazine

I look forward to receiving your photos and stories about you and your pets. Please feel free to share this FRONT COVER PHOTO CONTEST with your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, and more. For the low annual rate of $9.99 a subscription conveniently and safely delivers a personal copy to your home, anywhere in the U.S., twice a year; in May and November. Including Alaska and Hawaii.

It has been such a joy watching the Compass & Clock community of experts help you map your future plans and prepare you for your journey. And I'm moved by those of you we've helped in supporting your senior loved ones. I continue to be humbled and inspired by your stories and kind words. Please keep sharing your successes with me!

~ Mary ~

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