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Be Nourished in 2020


Dayaalu Center is a member of Compass & Clock and is a hidden gem in our community here in Kitsap County. I received their recent e-newsletter and it had so much information I was compelled to share it with all of you. There is something for everyone!

~ Mary ~

Here at Dayaalu we welcome you to lean into the possibilities that are unfolding with this new decade. We have amazing weekly classes and so many incredible workshops, series and events to support your journey.


New Year Courage

A poem by Jenny Coates

Step out the front door  of your cozy, safe house and see if home can exist in the world beyond —in uncharted movement, new friendship,  migration into a future different from  the one originally imagined, the  one possible when  you remain inside doing what  you have always done. 

Whose fleeting life do you live if you  try so hard to avoid ripples?  Is this what you fear —that the ripples will become  tidal waves swamping  your resolve, your  fresh fragile  shell?   You must make the life you desire.  Perhaps you start with faith  that your path will find you when you step  outside to meet it, faith  that you don’t really have anything  and so have nothing  to lose. 

Courage, your time  and place is 2020.

WINTER CLASS SCHEDULE Starts Monday January 6th 2020 New classes include: HATHA FLOW Monday mornings 9-10 with Larkin Flora Restore your natural rhythm and harmony. Improve strength, flexibility, dissolve tension and find a deep sense of well-being that will support you long after the session is over. The emphasis of this class is to elicit meditation in motion by using the breath to move mindfully from pose to pose, each one building upon the other. Hatha Flow is appropriate for all levels of practice, finding a moderate pace and meeting you where you are. Good for all levels. CORE FOCUS YOGA Wednesday 4:15-5:15 with Katalin Gyorgy  Core focus will help you identify and utilize the deepest musculature of the body’s center using yoga and Pilates inspired movement. Breath and proper core use have a symbiotic relationship. Cultivating core awareness will support our joints, release tension, and our breath focus will help clarify the mind. This practice invites you to connect to a deeper place within yourself, resulting in feeling more centered, building inner strength and embodying grace. BREATH CAFE COMMUNITY CLASS Thursday 2:30-3:30 with Patricia Donbeck We use breath-informed movement, mudras, and sounds to cultivate your awareness of breath. Let breath becomes your partner—your body will thank you. All levels welcome.

This is a community donation class.

All proceeds go to Sidewalk, a Thurston County organization helping people who are experiencing homelessness. Visit GENTLE YOGA Friday 1:15-2:30pm with Joni Deerfield  A perfect class to start or return to your yoga practice! Inspired by a yoga program for people with cancer and chronic illness, students will engage breath, simple postures, deep relaxation and mediation for a restorative and therapeutic practice that can energize your life. Yoga heals and we can all use healing so you do not have to have a specific illness to attend and all levels are welcome. On New Moon and Full Moon weeks, this class offers a Yin and Yoga Nidra practice. Good for beginners.  YIN & FLOW Sunday mornings 8:00-9:15 with Larkin Flora

We begin class with a mindfulness practice and deep breathing, followed by a series of meditative yin postures held for several minutes in stillness to gently open the body and support the connective tissue. Each pose is a body meditation allowing you to fully arrive and feel the vital energy of prana, or Qi, that is the essence of healing and nourishment in hatha yoga. Then, we transition into a gentle flow sequence, using the breath to move mindfully from pose to pose, each one building upon the other to awaken and invigorate the body. Finally, we sink into stillness again with deep, relaxing savasana. This class is appropriate for all levels of practice, finding a gentle pace and meeting you where you are.


We are excited to announce the evolution of Tulaa Café to Dharma Café! Dharma will be opening in the next few weeks. Stay tuned for exact dates!


Click on image below to register

Contact: or 206-436-9388

Please park in the front our building, on Wyatt Way or on Madrona Way. Please do not park in Wyatt Corner Lot. Thank you!

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